Want Success? Know the 6 Most Powerful Stock Trading Tips

So success is trading definitely something that is coveted by almost everyone in the world. There are various types of steps that can be taken to achieve that dream. Are all successful? Certainly not, there have also been many failures.


So employees are hard and don’t give up easily, sometimes it’s not enough, other strategies are needed that can increase income as much as possible. The steps that are currently a hot topic of discussion in community groups, especially the millennial generation, are stock investment and stock trading.

Overcoming the impact of the outbreak in a positive direction brought fresh air to the increase in stock prices in several fields. This has definitely made the stock market the most prospective field. However, not everyone has the knowledge when trading stocks. Here are some of the best stock trading guides for beginners interested in the stock market:


1. Have the Right Knowledge

Stock trading is actually not as difficult as some people imagine, but it also cannot be carried out carelessly, because of course there is a risk of loss that needs to be met if you do not choose the method and instrument wisely when buying and selling shares.Have basic stock knowledge and learn as much knowledge about stock trading as possible from stock sites, stock-related social media, or from some stock trader books before starting trading.

This is an important key to help you get a solid foundation in making decisions later. Don’t be shy about negotiating with people who you think have more knowledge and experience in the stock trading field, and are always open to some up-to-date information on stock changes.

2. Set aside funds conceptually

Earnings management is an important thing to have before choosing to trade stocks. With good financial management, you can optimize your investment funds as well as possible. Make sure that you have set aside funds for your primary needs, emergency funds, and insurance, so that the funds used for investment can be distributed as well as possible without disturbing individual needs. Decide in advance how much funds you want to spend in each sale and purchase and how much risk you are ready to meet.

Some successful traders tend to choose stocks whose risk is less than 1%-2% per trade. So, with this it is easier for you to carry the advantages and disadvantages that you want to meet. Keep in mind that stock trading doesn’t always give you a profit, but if you can manage the risk, the profits you want to get will far exceed the losses encountered.

3. Prepare Time

Stock trading does not only require funds and knowledge. Time is the most fundamental thing that traders need to prepare before starting stock trading. Make sure you set aside the best possible time during trading hours, so that you can monitor good opportunities to trade and optimize your profits.In Indonesia, stock trading hours are separated into two sessions, Monday-Friday, session I is held at 9.00-11.30 WIB, and session II is at 13.30-14.50 WIB.

4. Choose the Right Security

Choosing the right securities is key in stock trading. Good and most trusted securities are those that have been registered and monitored by the Financial Services Authority Currently there are many securities in Indonesia, both off-line and online. The step of registering is also easier, because there is an online stock trading program where all registration processes can be accessed online. Make sure you choose the most trusted securities and the best for you, both in terms of quality to ease of access.

5. Starting from a Small Nominal

As a beginner, it is better to start from a small nominal.Starting from buying shares that are cheap but from the most trusted companies. Start learning stable with the nominal you specify. By starting from a small nominal, generally slowly you will start to learn good stock trading techniques and your trading strength will also slowly increase. If you are more optimistic about your strengths, just start increasing your trading capital.

6. Stay away from fried stocks

Fried stocks are stocks that offer large returns at low prices. Some of these stocks are generally able to make traders tempted because the prices are cheap. However, if you want to stay a longer trader with bigger profits, you should avoid some of these stocks.

Don’t look at trading like gambling (gambling), don’t expect you to be rich one night. Stock trading is essentially a chore, so be realistic and wise when deciding which stock to buy. Don’t be tempted to offer instant profits, which generally can actually lead to even greater losses.

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